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Not Just Another Jay - Explore the importance of the Florida Scrub Jay
Birds: for our wonder & admiration - What makes birds so attractive to us?
Woodpeckers: Woodland Drummers - Learn about these fascinating birds and what makes them so unique among bird species.
Fall Migration - As summer comes to an end, one of the most spectacular natural events unfolds in front of our eyes; yet many seem oblivious to this phenomenon.
Where Are The Birds? - learn what's going on with migratory birds and the weather.
Backyard Birding in the Winter - here you'll find some tips to keep the birds coming to your backyard this winter season.
Rails Unusual Birds - learn more about these secretive birds.
In Search of the Mourning Warbler
Birding Trips
Blue Ridge Birding Report - learn about the birding experience in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Jewel of the West Indies, St. Lucia By Paul Fellers
Panama Experience - A trip report from Panama
Christmas Bird Count 2011 - Final counts
Birding Mosaic 2012 - A trip report.
Butterfly Reports
Fourth of July Butterfly Counts June and July 2013
Nature Related Topics
Urban Nature - Cities abound with nature! In fact, a large percentage of Earth’s biodiversity exists in urban or developed area
Nostalgia - Learn was Polk has to offer to the nature lover on this series of articles on Polk's Environmental Lands.
What's Killing Our Wildlife - explore some of the threats faced by our wildlife.
Dealing with Injured and Distressed Birds - Learn what to do when you encounter any injured wildlife.
Gopher Tortoises - Learn more about this unique Florida reptile.
Gators in Love - A brief article on gator biology.
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Lake Region’s Audubon Youth Group
Getting The Job Done



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