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Welcome to the Raptor Monitoring Program, a citizen science program in which you can participate by providing observation data of some local raptors. The program will help identify the distribution of some raptor species in Polk County and their current breeding status for the Breeding Bird Atlas.

Program Objectives

In recent years there has been a decline on certain species of raptors particularly owls such as the Burrowing Owl and the Barn Owl. The program objectives include:

  • Logging sightings of individual birds as well as breeding activity.
  • Create a distribution map of certain species throughout the county.
  • Identify and prevent potential threats to nesting success since most threats are related directly or indirectly to human activity.

How can you help?

By logging your observations you'll be contributing to a large database that will be used to get a better understanding of species distribution and current status. Ocassionally we'll ask you to monitor a particular breeding pair to confirm success of the fledglings.



To submit your raptor observations click on the photo below.




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