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New efforts to protect nesting Water birds in Lakeland.

The LRAS is currently seeking protection of the most productive bird rookery in Polk County. The rookery has been monitored by the local chapter volunteers as well as the volunteers from the Florida Coastal Island Sanctuaries for more than 4 years. The project objective included gathering information of the nesting species and their success in raising new generations.

After analyzing years of data, we have come to the conclusion that this site needs extra protection from human disturbances. Some of the disturbances observed included the use of motorized vessels and personal watercrafts too close for the birds comfort, sending many of the nervous birds flying in frenzy. When birds are flushed from their nest, predators can easily get to their eggs or young.

We are currently in conversations with several agencies with the purpose of installing warning signs to boaters and even enhance the protection by classifying the area as a bird sanctuary. Hopefully these measures will improve the productivity of the rookery and ensure its success for years to come.


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