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Nature Trails

There are several miles of trails for your enjoyment. All our trails are shaded and offer the hiker an easy and relaxed experience. Some trails may be too wet during the raining season; please refer to the map below for the affected areas. As you walk through the trails, you may catch a glimpse of several bird species including, Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Wrens and Mockingbirds. During the winter, several species visit our feeders including Painted Buntings, Chipping Sparrows and Indigo Buntings.

You can also spot one of several Gopher Tortoises that live in the property, or perhaps find the elusive Ground Skinks that move swiftly through the ground litter. Snakes, such as the Black Racer and the Banded Water Snake, are seen regularly. Amphibians are common near the lake and the temporary pond. During rainy days, it is common to hear the Barking Frogs calling from the tree tops, and the Bull frogs and Southern Leopard Frogs calling from the edge of the water.

As you use the trails, please make sure to leave nothing behind, but footsteps.

Gopher Tortoise
Chipping Sparrows visiting the feeder.
The Painted Bunting is one of our winter visitors.

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