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Future Projects

At the LRAS we are currently making improvement to our facility. Some of will take more time than others, but surely they will be welcome by our community. Here are few things that we're working on.

  • The new dock, is a working project. New permits were required, but the main structure will be on the way pretty soon.
  • Few interpretative signs are being developed to enhance the educational aspects of our trails. Our first one on butterflies will be near the entrance to the Howe House. More will be coming and will be installed around the property.
  • A pond with a waterfall feature and the surrounding landscape was approved. This project will enhance our backyard habitat by providing fresh water and food plants for birds and butterflies. We're waiting for better weather "cooler" before we start the excavation of the 10x20 pond,
  • Several Citizen Science projects are being developed as a way to contribute with ongoing research and conservation projects. Please visit our section on Citizen Science Programs to learn more.
  • A new educational curriculum and activities are in place and should be running through mid December. They will be resumed in January and will run until May of 2011.


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