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Directions to Lake Region Audubon Society

There are two ways to approach Street Audubon Center . 

From Hwy. 17 and the Chain of Lakes Complex, take Cypress Gardens BOULEVARD , Hwy. 540, toward Hwy. 27:

Turn left from Cypress Gardens BOULEVARD onto Cypress Gardens ROAD at the traffic light at Blockbuster.. The road makes a 90 degree turn to the right (about a mile from Blockbuster’s) continue through that turn and the next 90 degree turn which will be to the left. Lameraux Rd is on the left, (about the 4th left from the last 90 degree turn). 

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From Hwy. 27, take Cypress Gardens BOULEVARD, Hwy. 540, heading toward Cypress Gardens:

Turn right at the traffic light at the corner with a CVS Pharmacy and a 7-11 (Map point D) onto CYPRESS GARDENS ROAD.  Go about a mile to the stop sign and turn left. You will still be on CYPRESS GARDENS ROAD. Turn from CYPRESS GARDENS ROAD onto LAMERAUX ROAD which will be on your right.

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The rest of the directions:

Travel down Lameraux Rd. Past the last house on the left side is a wooded area, which is Lake Region Audubon's land. Continue until you see the next mailbox, (#115), on the left at the entrance to the property. Follow this dirt road to the parking lot.




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115 Lameraux Road ∙ Winter Haven, Florida 33884 (863) 259-8497