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By Gary W. Vequest and Daniel S. Licht
Published by: Texas A&M University Press

Reviewed by Bill Karnofsky

Do you, or would you like to, visit our national parks?  Do you enjoy wildlife watching?  Do you have target animals you have always wanted to see, but have not?  If so, this is the book for you.  It is so well written you will be hard pressed not to jump into your car or camper and head off to a national park even before you are finished reading the book.


As the authors so aptly put it, “Our national parks are part of our history …part of our future and our gift to future generations.  Wildlife is an integral part of what makes these lands so priceless.”


The authors have conceived and deliver a concept to help you get the most out of your wildlife watching. This is the perfect book to deliver that concept to you.  Their goal was to identify for you the twelve charismatic and iconic animals most wanted to be seen by wildlife watchers and to tell you when and where to see them.  For each animal, they identify the national park, and where within that park you will most likely have success finding the animal, and in what month you will have the best chance of success. 


There are twelve chapters, one for each month.  There are twelve target animals, also one for each month.  The animals range from the most wanted to be seen such as the American Bison, Elk and Gray Wolves, to some you may not have thought about as being in a national park such as Sea Turtles and Gray Whales.  Each chapter provides a relatively in-depth discussion of each animal with information on habits, habitats, breeding rituals, its role in the ecology and history of its survival; then follows information about the national park, its history and other critters that can be found there.  Finally, they list all the other national parks that report having the animal within their boundaries.


This is a wonderful book and one you will treasure having.





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