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Texas Wildlife Portraits by Greg Lasley
Published by: Texas A&M University Press

Review by Bill Karnofsky

To start at the end; it is an absolutely marvelous book!

Mr. Lasley's three concurrent themes, his narrative, his photographs and his captions are seamlessly interconnected. They are captivating as well as educational. When added to his invitation to the reader to visit Texas it simply makes one want to pack a bag and call the airline for tickets.

His writing is as good as his photography. It clearly displays his knowledge of each of his subjects and presents the information in a most enjoyable way. His photographic composition is outstanding.

In reading the book, I realized it is a "must" for anyone considering wildlife photography as a hobby whether or not they are from Texas. It also is "must" for the many individuals who already are avid wildlife photographers for their own pleasure. Mr. Lasley teaches the reader that having a beautiful picture is only half the enjoyment. The other half is to research and learn about the subject. Knowing about the subject adds so much more value to just a beautiful picture.

Personally, I am a casual picture-taker of birds and other wildlife. After this book, I will never again take photos in the casual way I have these past couple of years. It has motivated me to go back over my pictures, at least the few that I consider good, and learn more about the subject of the picture.

In summary, one of the best books I have had the great pleasure of reading




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