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TOS Handbook of Texas Birds
Second Edition, Revised
By Mark W. Lockwood & Brush Freeman

Published by: Texas A&M University Press
Reviewed by Bill Karnofsky

This book is sponsored by The Texas Ornithological Society (TOS). One of the authors, Mark W. Lockwood is also a co-author of Texas Waterfowl, a wonderful book.

This book provides an extraordinary compilation of data for 639 species of birds with a history of being in Texas.  Information is provided as to general areas of Texas in which each bird has been found by both county and by one of the nine Natural Areas of Texas. Each bird’s status and abundance is provided along with the times of year it could reasonably be expected to be present. A visual representation of the areas in which each bird has been recorded, as well as the times of year, is provided by an individual range map.

As a special bonus to the readers, there are the most wonderful color photos of 150 species. Almost assuredly, every reader will be delighted and amazed at the quality of the pictures, and most likely there will be some birds whose photographs you may never before have seen.

Every Texas birder would be wise to have this book, as well as any birder planning to visit Texas. Besides learning about any target species you may list, it guides you to the areas of the state wherein you would have the best chances to observe them.

The organizational skills of the authors is mind boggling considering the amount of reference materials they used (24 pages of references are listed).  The end result is a wonderful book, easy to use and understand, and one that will be valued for decades.




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