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“A Fascination for Feathers”
by Connie M. Thompson

Reviewed by Nyleen Rodríguez

If you like anecdotes and birding, the book “A Fascination for Feathers” is right for you. Connie and Pat Thompson have dedicated quite some time to collect really interesting facts and curious anecdotes about birds and birding in general. After moving to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and
getting a job at a local newspaper writing a column about birding, Connie Thompson was able to share her knowledge to other people interested in birding and wanting to learn more about it. When she quit that job, she continued writing a monthly newsletter Birds in Our Backyard. This, she feels, is her way to give back to the community. With her husband Pat, Connie enjoys the outdoors and lives so close to it, that sometimes it comes crashing in her living room (you will need to read the book to
find out about this).

The book itself is very easy reading because what Connie did was compiled some of the stories that have been published in the newspaper, and added some of her personal stories. Many birders or just people that like nature and birds, would enjoy reading stories about how sometimes we fall in love with certain birds, while we might dislike others, or everything there is to know about the pileated woodpecker. Suggestions about how to properly approach birds or how to set up a feeder in
your backyard are also found in the book. And sometimes Connie leaves us without the answer to an identification question, creating a mystery around a particular bird that someone spotted but was not able to identify. Most of the pictures throughout the book are hers, and while looking at them, you’ll have a chance at getting acquainted with the experiences of this avid birder. Enjoy!





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