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by Charles Geanangel

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We're currenly working on populating this section of our website. These pages will hold important information on bird species of Florida, where to find them and clues on identification. Please come back often as this section will be constantly updated.

In the meatime you may want to visit Charles Geanangel website on the bird of Polk county.

Florida's State Bird

Northern Mockingbird
(Mimus polyglyottos)

The Northern Mockingbird is a common resident in urban as well as rural areas in Florida. As it name suggests, this bird has an amazing talent to imitate sounds, and has been proven that it can imitate the songs of other birds. In fact, records show some individuals that could imitate more than 55 different songs, and some other sounds such as alarms, frogs and even barking dogs. This bird is also the state bird of Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas.


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