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The Lake Region Audubon Society has adopted a new logo featuring the Scrub Jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens), the only endemic species in Florida. The Scrub Jay has been a symbol of the constant struggle to protect scrub habitat from development. These bird affinity to the dry scrub landscape together with its slow dispersal makes this species susceptible to extinction. Today, 90% of the native bird population that once inhabited Florida is gone.

A unique characteristic of these birds is their tightly knit families and the active participation of previous year's youngsters in the rearing of a new clutch. But this also means the family stays together in a small range of less than 25 acres. Scientists are running against the clock to understand the dynamics of the remaining populations in an effort to save the species. Habitat loss, diseases and their slow dispersal rate are the main cause of their decline.

In an effort to educate people and create awareness about this bird, we have selected this logo to represent our chapter. Most of the remaining populations in Florida reside on the Lake Wales Ridge and a small population exist on the Lakeland Ridge.

In this new phase of the LRAS, we'll be focusing our efforts on educating the public and teaching our young ones to love nature, in hopes they can raise a new generation of nature conscious individuals.

Reinier Munguia
LRAS Vice President - Education




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